To Be or To InterBe, that is the question

H.D. Thoreau, R.W. Emerson, and J. Muir considered that all knowledge a human being needs lives in nature. It is a matter of being conscious and awake. Observing and studying nature allows us to learn its code and understand its messages.

Nora Weeks describes in «The Discoveries of Doctor Edward Bach» that Bach spent hours walking through the fields. Or near the sea. He also used to spend time in parks and gardens (kew), which, by the way, are extraordinary! Bach observed the flowers, plants, and every detail, absorbing the patterns of vital force with an open attitude, listening to nature.

How E. Bach connected to flowers and plants is a living example of M. Buber’s philosophy of dialogue (I and Thou): «The relationship is reciprocity.» We do need Buber!

It is fascinating to read these great authors and soak them up. Their writings nourish our spirit. And, if we wish to read their words in nature, in a garden, in a forest, on a path next to a river or on the sand of a beach. Then, their words lift us and anchor us. We then connect with our transcendent dimension, with the depths of our soul.

Also, we then remember that we all share the same roots. We are all nourished by the same earth and warmed up by the same sun. Ultimately, we are all one, interbeing with nature and with the vital force that underlies all forms of life.

As I write these lines, memories of the Isle of Lewis come to my mind. They always gift me a deep sense of belonging.

The indescribable beauty of Callanish, admiring in silent loneliness the sunset between the stones which treasure secrets and history.

To walk barefeet and feel the crispy sand of the endless beaches of Uig, trying to reach the sea that is constantly receding.

Delight us observing the field covered in wildflowers that leads to the coves and the beaches. The most beautiful natural cloister!

Playing with the seaweed, the white shells, and the flat stones bathed in sun, wind and storm.

And here, until not so long ago, the fuchsias in our garden were in flower, defending the late summer against autumn. Flowers that look like delicate ballerinas give us shapes, movement, and colours.

At the end of the summer, we collected delicious strawberries, currants, and blackberries.

We recently filled our pantry with aromatic herbs from the garden: thyme, rosemary, oregano, sage, chives, calendula, lavender and marjoram.

And the pond and its magic. Life arises and develops without any human intervention.

I have to tell you about this delightful pond that promotes life and is the home to the tiniest, almost invisible wildlife essential for Life.

Elena Lorente Guerrero

21st December 2022

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