«What Really Happens When We Die?»

Dear friends, This is one of the great questions that we are all going to think about at some point in our life. For some people, the fears that had been kept quiet until that moment will emerge. Probably the names: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and Raymond Moody are familiar to you because they both were pioneers... Leer más →

Never Say Never!, by JUDY ROSS BROWN, an Artist Living with Multiple Sclerosis

This article was written by Judy Ross Brown for “MSCONNECT making sense of ms in Scotland”, a magazine of the Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland, 2009. Its publication on DETOTSELSCOLORS has been authorized by Judy. Never say never!, by Judy Ross Brown I used to be a graphic designer until multiple sclerosis stopped me working. After... Leer más →

An Interview with JOE TAYLOR, Community Psychiatric Nurse in Wester-Ross, Scotland: “We need to connect with people as closely as we can, to be there for them. This is the Essence of Nursing”

What a challenge to introduce you to a qualified and highly experienced Community Psychiatric Nurse like Joe Taylor. Joe is the kind of Nurse we would like to work with, learning from him every single day. Lots of knowledge, skills, experience, gentleness and common sense. Joe works in the Communities of the Highlands in Scotland... Leer más →

An Interview with CHRISTINE MCCALLUM, Dementia Link Worker for Wester Ross in Scotland. ” What Makes a Real Difference to People with Dementia is How They are Cared for»

Dear Readers, It is my pleasure to introduce you to Christine Mccallum and give her voice to let you know how people living with Dementia in the Communities of the Highlands of Scotland deal with their day-to-day life. Also, how the right approach, enjoying and loving what you do, as Christine does, make a real... Leer más →


A dear friend of mine from Murcia (Spain), a wise and good person, told me that each of us has our own concentration camp. That was months before confinement, foreboding what was coming. Mostly everyone has had to connect with their own one these days of the pandemic. It is funny, the name I gave... Leer más →


Dear Friends, Catherine Fullana is a Nurse and a Bach Practitioner. She works in one of the haemodialysis units at Calydial, a private centre in the south of Lyon, France. From the Bach Centre BFRP Bulletin 89-Summer 2015 and reprinted with permission, I am glad to share Catherine's experience helping people on dialysis to improve their... Leer más →

An Interview with LINDA CAMPBELL, Stroke Coordinator for NHS Highland, Scotland. “Seeing someone coping with their stroke, adapting their lives and moving on, that is a very rewarding part of my role»

Dear Friends,I am delighted to introduce you to Linda Campbell, Stroke Coordinator for NHS Highland and Chairperson of The Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum (SSNF). She also leads the education and training subgroup for the SSNF. Having a stroke has a significant impact on people’s lives and the lives of their family, friends and carers. Prevention... Leer más →


¿Quién no ha escuchado alguna vez aquello de que hay tener la mente bien amueblada? La verdad es que esta nunca he resonado con esa metáfora. ¿A qué muebles se refieren? ¿Clásicos o de último diseño? ¿Muebles prestados, de segunda mano, o heredados...? ¿Muebles montables, desmontables o multiusos? ¿Muebles de interior o de exterior? ...... Leer más →

An Interview with ELEANOR OYSTON, The founder of Oncology Massage Training in Australia: “Hands and Heart are One. Touch is Vital to Healing and Peace”

Dear Readers, I’m glad to introduce you to Eleanor Oyston, a great woman who has been her whole life doing research, understanding about cancer and bringing her heart and soul in everything she does. At some point of her life, after 30 years observing cancer cells through the microscope and  studying their behaviour, Eleanor decided... Leer más →

An Afternoon with JULIAN BARNARD, Founder of Healing Herbs, a Leading Researcher in Bach Flower Remedies, Teacher and Writer. “I’ve just had a really simple job which was to free up Doctor Bach’s ideas into the 21st century.”

Dear Friends, Julian Barnard does not need to be introduced to people who know and love Bach Flower Remedies. If you are new to this, you may need to know that Julian Barnard is who currently knows best about Dr Edward Bach’s work, philosophy and legacy in the world. Julian is the closest and next... Leer más →

Contenciones Mecánicas: «¿Algo que decir?»

Queridos Amigos: Escribo esta breve entrada para dar difusión al trabajo de concienciación que lleva a cabo José Manuel García Mena, Enfermera de Salud Mental, firmemente convencido y comprometido con las buenas prácticas en  Salud Mental. José Manuel es también autor del blog EL CUIDADO EN LA PALABRA. Muchos de vosotros ya le conocéis. Su... Leer más →

Primum non nocere: el principio de no hacer daño como base de una buena medicina y de una buena salud, por Pablo Saz-Peiró

Queridos Amigos: Compartimos con vosotros el último número de la Revista Medicina Naturista, vol. 16, nº 2, Julio-Diciembre 2022. Está disponible en: https://dialnet.unirioja.es/ejemplar/605876 Agradecemos a su director, el Dr. Pablo Saz,  su voluntad de difundir el conocimiento de forma abierta y gratuita. De imprescindible lectura es la reflexión que abre la revista de forma contundente:... Leer más →

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