Improving Palliative Care and End-of-Life Care

Dear friends, As you already know, the common thread of our posts during 2023 is Building Hope in Present Continuous. On our second post of the year, we are pleased to inform you about the Annual Conference on Palliative Care and End-of-Life Care organized by Marie Curie from the 6th to the 10th of February.... Leer más →

Building Hope In Present Continuous

The word hope usually has a connotation of the future. At the same time, it has a passive connotation in some way. Hope in tomorrow, hope in the new year that has just started. Hope that things will improve or change… We project into the future what we really yearn for or need in the... Leer más →

Mejorando los Cuidados Paliativos y los Cuidados al Final de la Vida

Queridos Amigos: Como ya sabéis, el hilo conductor de nuestras publicaciones durante 2023 es Construir Esperanza en Presente Continuo. En este segundo post del año, os acercamos las Jornadas Anuales sobre Cuidados Paliativos y Cuidados al Final de la Vida que organiza Marie Curie del 6 al 10 de Febrero. Las jornadas son online y... Leer más →

Construir Esperanza En Presente Continuo

La palabra esperanza suele tener una connotación de futuro y a la vez, un tanto pasiva. Esperanza en el mañana, esperanza en el nuevo año que recién estrenamos. Esperanza en que las cosas mejorarán o cambiarán... Proyectamos hacia el futuro lo que realmente anhelamos o necesitamos en el presente, tanto a nivel personal como global.... Leer más →

El Cuidado en la Palabra-Podcast: La Ciencia y el Arte de Cuidar y Cuidarse

Queridos Amigos: En un reciente post os hablé de José Manuel García Mena, Enfermera de Salud Mental, y del excelente trabajo que lleva a cabo a través de su blog y de su podcast, El Cuidado en la Palabra. Hoy me hace especial ilusión invitaros a escuchar el último episodio con el cierra la primera... Leer más →


Who has not ever heard that we need to have a well-furnished mind? I have never resonated with that metaphor. Which kind of furniture do people mean? Classic or the latest design? Borrowed, second-hand, or inherited furniture? Assemblable, removable or multipurpose furniture? Indoor or outdoor furniture? Whichtever they are, furniture ends up occupying a static... Leer más →

To Be or To InterBe, that is the question

H.D. Thoreau, R.W. Emerson, and J. Muir considered that all knowledge a human being needs lives in nature. It is a matter of being conscious and awake. Observing and studying nature allows us to learn its code and understand its messages. Nora Weeks describes in "The Discoveries of Doctor Edward Bach" that Bach spent hours... Leer más →

Consciousness Beyond Life

Dear friends, Recently we published the post What really happens when we die?; where we shared Dr Peter Fenwick's research on Consciousness.  On this occasion, we are glad to introduce you to Dr Pim van Lommel's research on Near Death Experiences (NDE) and Non-local Consciousness. After reading a book about the phenomenon of near-death experiences, Van... Leer más →

Never Say Never!, by JUDY ROSS BROWN, an Artist Living with Multiple Sclerosis

This article was written by Judy Ross Brown for “MSCONNECT making sense of ms in Scotland”, a magazine of the Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland, 2009. Its publication on DETOTSELSCOLORS has been authorized by Judy. Never say never!, by Judy Ross Brown I used to be a graphic designer until multiple sclerosis stopped me working. After... Leer más →

An Interview with JOE TAYLOR, Community Psychiatric Nurse in Wester-Ross, Scotland: “We need to connect with people as closely as we can, to be there for them. This is the Essence of Nursing”

What a challenge to introduce you to a qualified and highly experienced Community Psychiatric Nurse like Joe Taylor. Joe is the kind of Nurse we would like to work with, learning from him every single day. Lots of knowledge, skills, experience, gentleness and common sense. Joe works in the Communities of the Highlands in Scotland... Leer más →

An Interview with CHRISTINE MCCALLUM, Dementia Link Worker for Wester Ross in Scotland. ” What Makes a Real Difference to People with Dementia is How They are Cared for»

Dear Readers, It is my pleasure to introduce you to Christine Mccallum and give her voice to let you know how people living with Dementia in the Communities of the Highlands of Scotland deal with their day-to-day life. Also, how the right approach, enjoying and loving what you do, as Christine does, make a real... Leer más →

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